Header image for the Avocatour project, representing an illustration of the Avocados from Mexico character, Avoman, wearing a sombrero in front of the Avocatour cart, on a turquoise background with colorful confetti.
Branding / Web / Social Media
Client: Avocados from Mexico
Agency: Prospek / Sopexa Canada
Year: 2015
Spreading avocado love, one toast at a time
The 2015 Avocatour, an initiative launched to promote the Avocados from Mexico brand, saw a themed van travel through Quebec and Ontario offering avocado samples, recipes and information. The mandate was to create a festive, joyful and colourful identity via the “Avocart” and Avoman mascot. A number of promotional tools were produced to support the initiative, from banners and social media images to press releases, signage, and more.
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