Cropped picture of Marie's profile view and upper back, smiling and wearing  a white shirt, in front of a floral wallpaper with large pink, orange and turquoise flowers on a dark background.

About my journey

Originally from France, I graduated in Applied Foreign Languages and Law before reorienting myself towards Graphic Design studies. I started my professional journey in 2007, working as a Junior Graphic Designer for the French luxury fashion house KENZO, then for a small advertising agency in Paris. I quickly jumped into freelancing, offering my creative services to various clients, from a small gourmet chocolate start-up to the French Ministry of National Education.

In 2011, ready to seize new opportunities, I moved to Montreal, Quebec, Canada, where I worked as an Art Director and Designer on a wide variety of accounts for different Web and Advertising agencies.

With a growing interest in digital products and user experience, I decided to readjust my focus and teach myself the basics of behavioural psychology, UX design, and user research methodologies. Soon enough, I had the great opportunity to take on a Product Designer (UX/UI) position at Shutterstock in 2017. Brilliant teammates and solid design leadership helped me learn and grow tremendously over the years. The 2021 eclipse season turned my life upside down and set me on a new path, starting with joining SILOFIT, a Montreal start-up building the world’s first network of on-demand, private fitness spaces. A few months later, I got to join Unity Technologies, and I am now helping build and unify cloud-based tools and services that will empower creators and developers in their workflows.