Cropped picture of Marie's profile view and upper back, smiling and wearing  a white shirt, in front of a floral wallpaper with large pink, orange and turquoise flowers on a dark background.
Originally from France, I graduated in Applied Foreign Languages and Law before reorienting myself towards Graphic Design studies. I started my professional journey in 2007, working as a Junior Graphic Designer for the French luxury fashion house KENZO, then for a small advertising agency in Paris. I quickly jumped into freelancing, offering my creative services to various clients, from a small gourmet chocolate start-up to the French Ministry of National Education. In 2011, ready to seize new opportunities, I moved to Montreal, Quebec, Canada, where I worked as an Art Director and Graphic Designer on a wide variety of accounts for different web and advertising agencies. In 2017, I had the opportunity to take on a Product Designer (UX/UI) position at Shutterstock.