Header image for the Graduation Project project, representing the top view of an open magazine on a light grey background, with a slightly turned full black page on the right, and the picture of a woman's naked upper back in copper tones on the left.
Branding / Graphic Design
Graduation project
School: LISAA Rennes, France
Year: 2007

Reimagining the perfume shopping experience

For the final project in my graphic design studies program, I decided to explore the custom perfume industry and create a pared-down, hybrid space that would completely reinvent the experience of shopping for perfume. The visual identity I produced merges aspects of luxury, perfume manufacturing (copper alembic stills) and the laboratory. Once the graphic charter was established, it was rolled out on various communication tools: stationery, invitations, magazine advertisements, a “catalogue of emotions”, packaging, bottling, store design, and more.

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