Header image for the PremiumBeat subscription project, representing a cropped image of a web browser showing the PremiumBeat home page. The hero image on that page shows a close-up of an electric guitare and a hand turning a knob on a Fender amplifier. Below the hero image, we see a white card displaying a big price point and information about the PremiumBeat subscription.
Product Design (UX-UI)
Company: Shutterstock
Year: 2020
Launching the first PremiumBeat subscription
PremiumBeat, a Shutterstock company, is a curated royalty-free music eCommerce platform providing exclusive, high-quality tracks for use in various media projects, including videos, films, television programming, apps and games. From April to December 2020, I joined the PremiumBeat team as their principal designer. Our primary focus was to optimize our customers’ music search experience on the PremiumBeat platform, starting with thorough qualitative user research to complete our quantitative data analysis. I then helped launch the first PremiumBeat subscription, integrating new user flows and components to the existing web experience.
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