Header image for the Silofit project, representing a black mobile phone tilted on a dark charcoal background with faded red and blue concentric circles in a rainbow shape. The phone's home screen shows the splash page of the Silofit app, with the Silofit logo and the phrase "On-demand private gyms" in white on an offset black background.
Product Design (UX-UI)
Company: Silofit
Year: 2021
Unlocking access to fitness and private micro-gyms
Silofit is the world’s first network of on-demand fitness spaces, converting small offices into private micro-gyms that can be rented by the hour using the Silofit app, available on the App Store for iOs and Google Play for Android. Silofit also provides an ecosystem for fitness professionals to manage their businesses. The first Silo was established in Montreal in January 2019. Since then, Silofit has expanded to Toronto and Miami. As the second designer joining the Silofit team, my first responsibilities were to audit the existing mobile apps, design new features connecting gym-goers and trainers, launch a brand new web landing page, and set the foundations for a complete design system, all in collaboration with the Product, Brand and Leadership teams.
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