Header image for the Shutterstock Collections project, representing a Shutterstock collection page in a browser window with a big heart icon in the top right corner.
Product Design (UX-UI)
Company: Shutterstock
Year: 2020
Making Shutterstock Collections essential to the creative workflow
Shutterstock is a global online marketplace providing royalty-free stock assets and innovative tools, empowering creative professionals worldwide to produce their best work, all on one platform. Shutterstock Collections existed for years, allowing users to bookmark, curate and organize the assets they select for their projects during their creative process and workflow. It was a practical feature on paper, but the quantitative data we collected revealed a different picture: most of our customers were not saving their assets to Collections, overlooking or quickly abandoning them from their daily workflow. Our focus promptly revolved around transforming Collections into the powerful tool we envisioned, which holds and creates high value for Shutterstock customers.
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