Header image for the YO ceramics project, representing a postcard-size black and white photograph of the ceramist’s hands shaping and forming clay into a bowl on the pottery wheel.
Graphic Design / Branding
Client: YO ceramics (Yolène Leroux)
Photography: Clément Bruna
Year: 2021
YO ceramics: shaping the foundations of a visual identity
YO ceramics is my friend Yolène Le Roux’s exploration project around ceramics and “making stuff” with her hands and talented touch. When she decided to start an atelier in Montreal to ramp up her production, she kindly entrusted me with designing the foundational elements of her branding: YO (her nickname). I curated a colour palette, selected a typeface, and created a logotype and a graphic symbol to be used and declined on various digital and physical supports, starting with her Instagram account, postcards, and a ceramics signature stamp. The black and white photographs of Yolène on the pottery wheel were taken by Clément Bruna, a casual photographer from Montreal.
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