Header image for the Shutterstock illustrations project, representing a vector illustration on a pale yellow background. The vector illustration represents a jungle with various exotic plants from all shapes and sizes, a purple tree on the left side, and a small toucan standing on the ground among the smaller plants, all in pastel green, purple, blue and yellow colors.
Product Design (UX-UI) / Illustration
Company: Shutterstock
Year: 2020-2021
Developing Shutterstock visual language
Shutterstock is a global online marketplace providing royalty-free stock assets, tools and services. As part of my product design mandate at Shutterstock, I had the opportunity to work on several illustrations. These illustrations provided more context and clarity to various parts of the user experience, such as the Support Center landing page, error pages (404, 500, and under construction), onboarding flows, and empty states. I directly contributed to our design system with this collection of curated product illustrations, including a new secondary palette of colors and illustrative icons.
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